The Jumpmaster Project – Serial Success and the Search for the Secret Sauce


Have you ever wondered how some people reinvent themselves successfully again and again? If success is part art, part science and part luck, then the Jumpmaster project’s goal is to provide a 33% advantage. My theory is that people who have achieved successes at the highest levels of different types of organizations share certain processes and thoughts that make their serial successes more likely. The Jumpmaster Project focuses specifically on those who achieved a high level of success early in their career and had subsequent success as a leader in an entirely different field.

I call these people Jumpmasters.

The goal of this project is to analyze the Jumpmasters’ interview data and identify the shared insights, thoughts, and processes that lead to their accelerated achievements and leadership success.

With the launch of the first of the Jumpmaster profiles, the research process will continue as we publish insights from a wide range of high achievers. I am grateful to have had excellent responses from a variety of Jumpmasters who will be featured in the coming weeks.

Profile #1 Alden Mills

When I first met Alden in Barcelona last year, he initially inspired me to share JumpByDesign, the process I created and have used with repeated success to make big, impactful changes. Over our series of meetings, I became even more “fired up” as Alden would say, to spotlight the processes others use and look for trends they may or may not have in common.

When I first described my then un-named research project to Alden, he suggested, without any hesitation; “The people who do it well – they are Jumpmasters.” ”. As the first featured profile in the Jumpmaster series, I’m am excited to share Jumpmaster, Alden Mill’s, insights.

Alden is a former U.S. Navy SEAL Platoon Commander who combined his passion for health and fitness with an entrepreneurial spirit to create Perfect Fitness. The company first became known by its flagship product, the Perfect Pushup. Today, the company is part of a large, private equity backed organization called Implus Corp. Alden Jumped from the U.S. Navy to successful Entrepreneur before becoming an accomplished author, public speaker and motivational tour de force. His first book, “Be Unstoppable: 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything,“ was published in 2013. Alden is currently hard at work on a second book.

Alden has a discipline process to achieving his goals. He refers to it as: “Define it, Divide it and Do it Daily.” His position on failing was embedded from a motto he learned in SEAL training: ; “If you’re not failing, you’re not trying.” Read Alden’s contribution to the Jumpmaster project.

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