About David Pachter

David speaking at a live event.

David Pachter is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who leads a portfolio of companies. He is the Executive Chairman of JumpCrew and YouNow and serves on the board of Staff Management Services. In addition to co-founding JumpCrew, he also founded Bond Street Group and co-founded LocalVox, serving as CEO for both. 

David’s journey can best be described as from “slacker to CEO.” Growing up in New York, his first passion was playing basketball. An average athlete at best, it was there he first learned the importance of supporting the talents of others — that the chemistry of how teams collaborate, communicate and learn together all contribute to great teams. 

In time, these experiences would become key elements of David’s philosophies on leadership, teamwork and coaching, that have helped countless CXOs develop teams that both work well together and achieve. 

To get there, though, David had to overcome a lack of focus, ambitious overconfidence and the resulting setbacks to become a successful sales leader, serial entrepreneur, and chairman of a portfolio of successful media, technology and services businesses. 

Inspired by our ability to learn from shared experiences, as well as the trust that comes from authentic relationships, David began sharing his experiences. First, in his JumpbyDesign podcast and now in his forthcoming book, Remote Leadership: How to Accelerate Achievement and Create a Community in a Work-From-Home World.

Follow David on LinkedIn to learn more. And listen to archived episodes of his JumpbyDesign podcast to hear him speak with leaders and entrepreneurs about accelerating personal and collaborative achievement, turning setbacks into success, and achieving the change you want.

David speaking at JumpCrew’s JumpCon.