Leadership is about more than charisma and vision.

Transforming a team into a community starts with accepting that being a great coach is more important than having all the answers.

David Pachter

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About David

David Pachter is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who leads a portfolio of companies. He is the Executive Chairman of JumpCrew, YouNow and Staff Management Services. In addition to co-founding JumpCrew, he also founded Bond Street Group and co-founded LocalVox, serving as CEO for both. However, his success was anything but a given.

Self-described as a “slacker to CEO,” David’s journey had an unlikely beginning in Hollywood, where an early failure led to deep self-reflection and, ultimately, reinvention. But his journey to becoming a leader began much earlier, on the basketball court during his youth. An average player at best, it was there David first learned the power of collaboration and teamwork … that a team is more than a star player.

Read on to learn more about David Pachter’s journey from slacker to CEO.

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