Leadership is about more than charisma and vision.

Transforming a team into a community starts with accepting that being a great coach is more important than having all the answers.

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David Pachter is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who leads a portfolio of companies. He is the Executive Chairman of JumpCrew, YouNow and Staff Management Services. In addition to co-founding JumpCrew, he also founded Bond Street Group and co-founded LocalVox, serving as CEO for both. However, his success was anything but a given.

Self-described as a “slacker to CEO,” David’s journey had an unlikely beginning in Hollywood, where an early failure led to deep self-reflection and, ultimately, reinvention. But his journey to becoming a leader began much earlier, on the basketball court during his youth. An average player at best, it was there David first learned the power of collaboration and teamwork … that a team is more than a star player.

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Remote Leadership

How to Accelerate Achievement and Create a Community in a Work-From-Home Organization

With a Foreword by Jerry Colonna

After three years of explosive growth and on the verge of profitable, in March of 2020, JumpCrew found itself in the same position as everyone else. Virtually overnight, offices across the country awoke to find a new, remote world — and with it a new set of challenges.

Overcoming these challenges to maintain an accelerated achievement organization would take a willingness to approach problems differently … to embrace a new style of leadership and tools to rapidly develop the same trusting relationships that had turned our office into a strong community working together.

However, Remote Leadership: How to Accelerate Achievement and Create a Community in a Work-From-Home World is more than just the story of this defining moment. It’s an in-depth look at what it means to be a leader at a time when the conventional role of the leader is being challenged and how to transform your organization into a stronger and more impactful community.

Read on to learn more about how remote work has forever changed what it means to be a leader.

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